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From the archives     (Fansite Einstürzende Neubauten (and more bands), one photo Paradiso Amsterdam 1-4-2004)


LORI LINSTRUTH   ( doesn't exist anymore, but the photo is still on her Flickr-account, her new official site is         (one Stream of passion-photo from P60 Amstelveen 26-1-2006)


the Spinshots            (photos Halloween Bal Masqué Paradiso Amsterdam 31-10-2006)


Urban Planet magazine no. 0   nov/dec 2005  with five photos and backgroundphoto10 jaar TopNotch Melkweg 8-10-2005  (this was the only edition); first page and second page


DeviantART        (photos White Cowbell Oklahoma Paradiso Amsterdam 27-7-2006)


WIKIPEDIA               (one photo Paradiso Amsterdam 24-10-2001 in an article about the band Vive la fête)


Within Temptation  (fansite)              (some photos from Melkweg 28-4-2001, Lowlands festival 20-8-2004 and Paradiso 15-4-2005)



KindaMuzik                   (Various photos, see below. Except where stated these are not my reviews)

On the contributor-page (medewerkerspagina) you can see all photos (linked) on the KindaMuzik-site, except the photos on the various artist pages (artiestenpagina). You kan find these pages by filling in the bandname after


1. concertreview (in Dutch) the Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster Ekko Utrecht 4-5-2003 with one photo

2. concertreview (in Dutch) Naked City Carré Amsterdam17-6-2003 with one photo

3. concertreview (in Dutch) Transformed dreams-package Ekko Utrecht 26-7-2003 with one photo of Zea and one photo of Seedling

4. concertreview (in Dutch) Killing Joke Melkweg Max Amsterdam 13-8-2003 with two photos

5. concertreview (in Dutch) Cooper, Beyond'93 and Tiny Elvis Melkweg Amsterdam 19-8-2003 with one photo of Tiny Elvis

6. concertreview (in Dutch) Kaisers Orchestra Melkweg Oude Zaal Amsterdam 4-9-2003 with two photos

7. concertreview (in Dutch) the Cramps Paradiso Amsterdam 18-9-2003 with two photos

8. concertreview (in Dutch) Gotham (festival) Paradiso Amsterdam 27-9-2003 with one photo of Schneewitchen and one photo of Faith and the Muse

9. concertreview (in Dutch) Nekromantix Melkweg Amsterdam 16-10-2003 with one photo

10. concertreview (in Dutch) London Calling (festival) Paradiso Amsterdam 7-11-2003 with one photo of Hawksley Workman, one photo of Franz Ferdinand and one photo of Arab Strab

11. article and concertreview (in Dutch) QNTAL Melkweg Amsterdam 11-11-2003 with three photos

12. concertreview (in Dutch) Tombola (festival) Paradiso Amsterdam 27-11-2003 with one photo of the Thermals and one photo of the Veils

13. concertreview by myself (in Dutch) Spearhead Paradiso Amsterdam 15-12-2003 with two photos

14. concertreview (in Dutch) Epica Paard van Troje Den Haag 9-1-2004 with two photos

15. concertreview (in Dutch) Twilight Singers Paradiso Amsterdam 16-1-2004 with one photo

16. concertreview (in Dutch) Azure Ray Paradiso Amsterdam 19-1-2004 with one photo

17. concertreview by myself (in Dutch) Silent Minority Uproar bandavond Paradiso Amsterdam 21-1-2004 with one photo of We vs. Death and one photo of Skip the rush

18. concertreview (in Dutch) Whip and Explosions in the sky Paradiso Amsterdam 19-1-2004 with one photo (both bands)

19. concertreview (in Dutch) Oi Va Voi Melkweg Amsterdam 10-2-2004 with one photo

20. concertreview by myself (in Dutch) the Gathering Paradiso Amsterdam 2-3-2004 with one photo

21. concertreview (in Dutch) Lambchop Paradiso Amsterdam 3-3-2004 with two photos

22. concertreview (in Dutch) Stereolab Paradiso Amsterdam 8-3-2004 with one photo

23. concertreview (in Dutch) Explosions in the sky en We vs. Death Ekko Utrecht 9-3-2004 with one photo (both bands)

24. concertreview (in Dutch) Living Things en Auf Der Maur Melkweg Amsterdam 31-3-2004 with one photo (both bands)

25. concertreview (in Dutch) Einstürzende Neubauten Paradiso Amsterdam 1-4-2004 with one photo. The photo is used as well for the review of their concert in Botanique Bruxelles 2-5-2005

26. concertreview (in Dutch) LCD Soundsystem en 2 Many dj's Paradiso Amsterdam 1-4-2004 with one photo (both acts)

27. concertreview (in Dutch) Nick Oliveri, Brant Bjork & the Bros and Electric Eel Shock Melkweg Amsterdam 8-3-2004 with one photo of Electric Eel Shock

28. concertreview (in Dutch) the Levellers Tivoli Utrecht 24-4-2004 with one photo

29. concertreview (in Dutch) 400 Blows en The Bronx Paradiso Amsterdam 26-4-2004 with one photo (both bands)

30. concertreview (in Dutch) Asylum Street Spankers en Björn Berge Ekko Utrecht 4-5-2004 with one photo (both bands)

31. concertreview (in Dutch) Dayna Kurtz Paradiso Amsterdam 22-5-2004 with one photo

32. concertreview by myself (in Dutch) Chris & Cosey, Coil and Whitehouse Melkweg Amsterdam 3-6-2004 with one photo of Carter Tutti and one photo of Coil

33. interview with a Girl Called Eddy with two photos

34. concertreview by myself (in Dutch) the Distillers Tivoli Utrecht 8-6-2004 with one photo

35. concertreview (in Dutch) Alice Donut en No Means No Melkweg Amsterdam 27-6-2004 with one photo (both bands)

36. concertreview (in Dutch) the Legendary Pink Dots en Skinny Puppy Paradiso Amsterdam 12-7-2004 with one photo (both bands)

37. interview with Soulwax with four photos

38. concertreview (in Dutch) Lowlands (festival) Biddinghuizen 20-8-2004 till 22-8-2004 with ten photos (the Zutons, N.E.R.D., Scissor Sisters, Velvet Revolver, Gem, Auf Der Maur, Van Katoen, Oceansize, Razorlight and the White Stripes)

39. concertreview (in Dutch) Mark Lanegan Band Tivoli Utrecht 25-8-2004 with one photo

40. concertreview (in Dutch) Sonic Youth Paradiso Amsterdam 30-8-2004 with two photos

41. concertreview (in Dutch) the Mutts and the Dirtbombs Paradiso Amsterdam 17-9-2004 with one photo (both bands)

42. concertreview (in Dutch) a Girl called Eddy Ekko Utrecht 19-9-2004 with one photo

43. concertreview (in Dutch) Dresden Dolls Melkweg Amsterdam 21-9-2004 with two photos

44. concertreview (in Dutch) the Album Leaf and Helio Sequence Paradiso Amsterdam 20-10-2004 with one photo (both bands)

45. concertreview (in Dutch) Wreckless Eric Paradiso Amsterdam 4-11-2004 with one photo

46. concertreview (in Dutch) the (International) Noise Conspiracy Melkweg Amsterdam 10-11-2004 with two photos

47. concertreview (in Dutch) Black Keys Melkweg Amsterdam 16-11-2004 with two photos

48. concertreview (in Dutch) Ash Paradiso Amsterdam 17-11-2004 with one photo

49. concertreview (in Dutch) Antony & the Johnsons and Cocorosie Paradiso Amsterdam 21-11-2004 with one photo (both bands)

49. concertreview (in Dutch) Bloc Party and Interpol Paradiso Amsterdam 22-11-2004 with one photo (both bands)

50. concertreview (in Dutch) Rough Trade Night Paradiso Amsterdam 27-11-2004 with five photos (Eastern Lane, Detroit Cobras, British Sea Power, Low and the Delays). The photo of Eastern Lane is used as well for the review of their concert in Vera Groningen 1-5-2005 and Botanique Brussel 2-5-2005. The photo of Low is used as well for the review of their concert in Openluchttheater Rivierenhof Antwerpen 29-7-2006

51. concertreview (in Dutch) Helmet Melkweg Amsterdam 16-12-2004 with two photos. One photo is used as well for the preview of Fields of rock (festival).

52. concertreview (in Dutch) Das Pop Paradiso Amsterdam 22-12-2004 with one photo

53. interview (in Dutch) Helmet  with three  photos Melkweg Amsterdam 16-12-2004

54. concertreview (in Dutch) Comets on fire Kaaiman Antwerpen 12-1-2005 with two photos Paradiso Amsterdam 17-1-2005

55. concertreview (in Dutch) the Bravery Paradiso Amsterdam 7-2-2005 with two photos

56. concertreview (in Dutch) Scarfaced - Made in the shade Paradiso Amsterdam 12-2-2005 with two photos Scarfaced and one photo of  Kohfie Konnect

57. concertreview (in Dutch) the Perceptionists Paradiso Amsterdam 5-3-2005 with two photos

58. concertreview (in Dutch) Emiliana Torrini La Botanique Brussel 23-3-2005 with one photo Paradiso Amsterdam 27-11-2004

59. concertreview by myself (in Dutch) Juliette and the Licks Paradiso Amsterdam 29-3-2005 with two photos

60. concertreview (in Dutch) King Khan and the Shrines Ekko Utrecht 30-3-2005 with two photos

61. concertreview (in Dutch) Einstürzende Neubauten Brussel 7-4-2005 with one photo Paradiso Amsterdam 1-4-2004

62. concertreview (in Dutch) London Calling (festival) Paradiso Amsterdam 29-4-2005 with five photos (Do me bad things, the Editors, Neil's Children, Kaiser Chiefs and Help she can´t swim)

63. concertreview (in Dutch) Drive-by truckers Paradiso Amsterdam 4-5-2005 with two photos

64. concertreview (in Dutch) Garbage Paradiso Amsterdam 2-6-2005 with two photos

65. concertreview (in Dutch) Billy Corgan Paradiso Amsterdam 9-6-2005 with two photos

66. concertreview (in Dutch) Metropolis (festival) Zuiderpark Rotterdam 3-7-2005 with seven photos (Cereal, Stars, Hayseed Dixie, the Dears, Sons and Daughters, Death from above 1979 and one from the crowd)

67. concertreview (in Dutch) Isis  Paradiso Amsterdam 11-7-2005 with one photo

68. concertreview (in Dutch) M.I.A.  5 Days Off  Melkweg Amsterdam 16-7-2005 with two photos

69. concertreview (in Dutch) Yo La Tengo Paradiso Amsterdam 17-8-2005 with two photos

70. concertreview (in Dutch) Patti Smith Paradiso Amsterdam 18-8-2005 with two photos

71. concertreview (in Dutch) Bad Religion Melkweg Amsterdam 22-8-2005 with one photo

72. concertreview (in Dutch) Madrugada Tivoli Utrecht 4-9-2005 with two photos

73. concertreview (in Dutch) Dredg Melkweg Amsterdam 13-9-2005 with two photos

74. concertreview (in Dutch) Leela James  Paradiso Amsterdam 3-10-2005 with one photo of Leela James and one photo of the Mitchell Brothers

75. concertreview (in Dutch) A Sonic Rendezvous Paradiso Amsterdam 30-9-2005 with four photos (Chelsea Hotel, T99, Seatsniffers and Rude Rich and the High Notes)

76. concertreview (in Dutch) Hard-Fi Paradiso Amsterdam 6-10-2005 with two photos. One photo is used as well for their concert in Botanique Brussel 5-3-2006.

77. interview with Shout out louds with three photos

78. concertreview (in Dutch) London Calling (festival) Paradiso Amsterdam 4&5-11-2005 with seven photos (Queen Adreena, White Rose Movement, the Zutons, Amusement Parks On Fire, Forward Russia!, Clor and Test Icicles)

79. concertreview (in Dutch) Heavy Trash Paradiso Amsterdam 2-12-2005 with two photos

80. concertreview (in Dutch) Opeth Tivoli Utrecht 4-12-2005 with one photo of Opeth  and one photo Burst

81. concertreview (in Dutch) Gogol Bordello Paradiso Amsterdam 10-12-2005 with one photo of Gogol Bordello and one photo of Throw Rag

82. concertreview by myself (in Dutch) Wanda Jackson Cruise-Inn Amsterdam 10-12-2005 with one photo

83. concertreview by myself (in Dutch) Stream of Passion P60 Amstelveen 26-1-2006 with one photo

84. concertreview (in Dutch) Test Icicles Melkweg Amsterdam 5-2-2006 with two photos

85. concertreview (in Dutch) Guru Melkweg Amsterdam 12-3-2006 with two photos

86. concertreview (in Dutch) Damian Marley Paradiso Amsterdam 9-3-2006 with two photos

87. concertreview (in Dutch) Biz Markie & Roxanne Shanté Melkweg Amsterdam 5-2-2006 with two photos (one photo from a dancer in the crowd)

88. concertreview (in Dutch) Krumpkings Paradiso Amsterdam 7-7-2006 with two photos

89. concertreview (in Dutch) Audio Bullies Paradiso Amsterdam 24-8-2006 with two photos

90. interview with Rude Rich and the High Notes with two photos Paradiso Amsterdam 30-9-2005

91. concertreview (in Dutch) Savage Garage Trash Fest (festival) Patronaat Haarlem 24-9-2006 with three photos (River City Tanlines, Bloodshot Bill and Quintron & Miss Pussycat)

92. article (in Dutch) Ghetto Ways with one photo from their concert at Savage Garage Trash Fest Patronaat Haarlem 24-9-2006

93. concertreview (in Dutch) Darkness is enlightening Paradiso Amsterdam 10-10-2006 with three photos (Psychic TV, Lydia Lunch and Black Sun Productions)

94. concertreview (in Dutch) Cristina Branco Paard van Troje Den Haag 12-1-2007 with two photos

95. concertreview (in Dutch) Bruce Cockburn Melkweg Amsterdam 12-2-2007 with two photos

96. concertreview (in Dutch) the Horrors Paradiso Amsterdam 18-4-2007 with two photos

97. concertreview (in Dutch) Brett Anderson Melkweg Amsterdam 23-4-2007 with two photos

98. concertreview (in Dutch) Bobby Conn Paradiso Amsterdam 5-5-2007 with two photos

99. concertreview (in Dutch) Handsome Family Paradiso Amsterdam 5-5-2007 with two photos

100. concertreview (in Dutch) New Cool Collective Paradiso Amsterdam 18-5-2007 with two photos

101. concertreview (in Dutch) Dr. John Paradiso Amsterdam 25-7-2007 with two photos

102. photo-review the Editors Paradiso Amsterdam 30-10-2007 with four photos

103. concertreview (in Dutch) Jill Scott Paradiso Amsterdam 23-11-2007 with one photo   

104. photo-review Gallows Paradiso Amsterdam 4-12-2007 with four photos

105. concertreview (in Dutch) Of Montreal Paradiso Amsterdam 11-12-2007 with two photos

106. photo-review Marillion Paradiso Amsterdam 11-12-2007 with four photos

107. concertreview (in Dutch) Therion Melkweg Amsterdam 21-12-2007 with two photos

108. concertreview (in Dutch) Megadeth Paradiso Amsterdam 14-2-2008 with two photos 

109. concertreview (in Dutch) Bettye LaVette Paradiso Amsterdam 9-4-2008 with two photos 

110. concertreview (in Dutch) Mavis Staples Paradiso Amsterdam 23-4-2008 with two photos 

111. concertreview (in Dutch) KT Tunstall Paradiso Amsterdam 29-4-2008 with two photos 

112. photo-review Noodlanding Electro Special Paradiso Amsterdam 11-12-2007 with four photos (Ladytron, Matik, Electrocute,Krause)

113. interview (in Dutch) Porcupine Tree with one photo 




xxx concertreview (in Dutch) Megadeth 2010 with one photo Paradiso Amsterdam 14-2-2008






3voor12 Amsterdam              (Various photos, see below. Except where stated these are not my reviews)

1. concertreview (in Dutch) John Legend Paradiso Amsterdam 28-5-2005 with three photos

2. concertreview (in Dutch) Mooie Noten 2005-finale Vondelpark Amsterdam 12-6-2005 with eight photos (Pnihx, van Bosch, John Lester, Gaston Dorren, Green Lizard, Benny Sings, La Kidda and Ron Klerkx)

3. concertreview (in Dutch) Dinosaur jr. Paradiso Amsterdam 14-6-2005 with one photo

4. concertreview (in Dutch) Suicidal Birds Paradiso Amsterdam 14-6-2005 with two photos

5. concertreview (in Dutch) the Anacondas Bitterzoet Amsterdam 24-6-2005 with three photos

6. concertreview by myself (in Dutch) Sunn O))) Paradiso Amsterdam 28-6-2005 with three photos

7. concertreview by myself (in Dutch) White Cowbell Oklahoma Melkweg Amsterdam 29-6-2005 with four photos

8. concertreview (in Dutch) Roisin Murphy Paradiso Amsterdam 1-7-2005 with three photos

9. concertreview by myself (in Dutch) Stereo Total 11 Amsterdam 8-7-2005 with two photos

10. concertreview (in Dutch) Spelen voor de GRAP Melkweg Amsterdam 28-8-2005 with three photos (Malle Pietje en de Bimbo's, David Gilmour Girls and Zomotta)

11. concertreview (in Dutch) Mick Harvey Melkweg Amsterdam 9-9-2005 with one photo and one photo of Simon Breed

12. concertreview (in Dutch) Subbacultcha Bitterzoet Amsterdam 26-9-2005 with one photo of Harry Merry, one photo Sykosonics and two photos 3-1

13. concertreview (in Dutch) Zuco 103 Paradiso Amsterdam 28-9-2005 with two photos and one of Nobody beats the drum

 14. concertreview (in Dutch) A Sonic Rendezvous Paradiso Amsterdam 30-9-2005 with fourteen photos (Two Cow Garage, Chelsea Hotel, T99, Kevin Kinney, Seatsniffers, the Apers, Rude Rich and the Highnotes)

 14. concertreview (in Dutch) 10 jaar Topnotch Melkweg Amsterdam 8-10-2005 with twenty-six photos (one photo Def Rhymz, three photos Opgezwolle, two photos Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, two photos DuvelDuvel, two photos Extince, one photo Typhoon, two photos Jawat, two photos Kiddo Cee, two photos Kubus, three photos K-Liber, two photos Opposites, two photos Raymtzer and two photos U-Niq)

15. concertreview (in Dutch) Arctic Monkeys Paradiso Amsterdam 1-11-2005 with one photo.

16. concertreview (in Dutch) About Paris, the Flesh and Jai Alai Savant  OCCII Amsterdam 26-11-2005 with two photos from each band.

17. concertreview (in Dutch) Kindred Spirits Weekender Paradiso Amsterdam 28-11-2005 with two photos Heavy, one photo Ivana Santilli and one photo Rich Medina.

18. concertreview (in Dutch) Grote Prijs van Nederland finale Hiphop/RnB Paradiso Amsterdam 23-12-2005 with two photos Jawat, one photo Djiggy Djé, one photo Ninthe, one photo MOD the Black Marvel and one photo Flinke Namen.




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